Being a Glass Sometimes Sucks (Morganville Vampires Fanfic)

Being a Glass Sometimes Sucks (Morganville Vampires Fanfic)

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Is_That_Batman By Is_That_Batman Updated Sep 30, 2012

Alexandria was adopted by Michael Glass' parents when she was ten, before they left town and before Michael finished high school. 

She had no connections to her real mum or dad, not knowing who they were or even if they were still alive. 

Alex now lives with Michael and the other house mates, Shane and Eve in somewhat peace. 

Or as peaceful as a house can get with three humans and a vampire. 

When they get a new house mate, Claire Danvers, more things begin to come clear about Alex and her past when she tells Claire that she's adopted. 

Claire does some digging and finds out about Alexandria's past. A past that goes back a couple of centuries.

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MadolynMckerley MadolynMckerley Nov 09, 2013
Pleaaaassssseeeeeeeeee write more i really like it so far and want to know what happens next
sosully sosully Mar 25, 2012
omg...... i love it...... :3 :D im like in love with those books and this is just the cherry on top :D ♥