Rated R One Shots

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Kiki KillSwitch By Kiki_KillSwitch Updated 3 years ago
A collection of my random slash one shots :P
I have been awake all night and now the suns coming up so... I think my laughing at this for longer than I should is normal...
That thing with the brigdes yeah? when this year started my english teacher started talking about flags I mean wtf???
The cookies are a lie :( but the dark side is fun anyways <3
I died a long time ago...D:
                                    But reading this as a ghost is just as rewarding. :D
Don't read it Gatlen, don't read it...if you do...you'll surely die from the nosebleeds... D:
LOL ur so funnyy ! the notes :)) =)) .. the autor notes .. gawd , and the story seems very interesting :) i like your oneshots !