The Armchair Epiphany

The Armchair Epiphany

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Frank Davis By FrankDavies3 Completed

The 4 storied building wouldn't be enough. 

The fall would be too quick to cherish. 
Too small to enjoy. 
Too short to be lethal. 

The river with the beautifully scattered rocks were too far away, sitting in such a distance that he might change his mind before he could sink down to a comfortable drown.

But the fish market which dispensed its revolting scent, the whiff of blood, the sensation of being always cold was just the place he needed to be.

And that place, gave Jerry Prasley that means to donate his own life, offer it like charity to death, without a double thought or a question.

He could see the glimmer of his own reflection at the stainless steel, made to conquer anything with flesh and guts. 

The rest is for me to tell and you to find out.

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