Central Z-telligence

Central Z-telligence

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Jinteresting 🤔 By Z_White Updated Sep 13

From the Author that bought you In The Name of Orion... 

6 Brains, 6 Brawns. One World. The Zodiacs have arrived.

Released: 3/23/17

1 in Brains 9/27/18
165 in Fantasy on 4/4/17
4 in Zodiac Story on 9/27/18

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junokami junokami Apr 12, 2017
Ahh, I love this book so much. I just love the story and the plot so much. But I was wondering, what's the app called that you use to make the animations at the top of the chapters?
EnglishInky EnglishInky Dec 29, 2017
I find it funny how everyone hates their Zodaic being a guy. Like, come on, Men aren't all evil. Besides, if Capricorn was a girl I'd be heavily confused
Mik_Les Mik_Les Mar 23, 2017
So far this seems really good and unique! Can't Wait to Read!
I am.more than okay, you did what most authors didn't, make Scorpio a girl
dirtaeminded dirtaeminded Sep 04, 2017
Re-reading for the eighth time while waiting for a new chapter cause why not
Deatharie_ Deatharie_ Sep 17
I'm more than Happy with your choice, cuz, you did what most Authors didn't~