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You Smile, I Smile

You Smile, I Smile

37.3K Reads 569 Votes 24 Part Story
Camille & Kira By Cami_Kira Updated Mar 18, 2012

Molly Carter isn't even a fan. Liam Payne doesn't know her. Yet he feels a sudden urge to change that and they meet privatly. They start getting closer and feel a connection so unbelievable strong that they turn out to be friends. Best friends. Or more?

XxMegsxX XxMegsxX Mar 09, 2012
I really like this story :) :) :) I  love the beginning and how you carried it out so far. :) check out my stories as well :) :) :)  PS. I voted :) :) :)
Cami_Kira Cami_Kira Mar 08, 2012
@AustenLiaTomlinson thank youuu! No it's that I'm from Germany and have a german keyboard, and that's how the speech marks are (: THANKSSSS <3 xxx
BreannaLynn1497 BreannaLynn1497 Feb 28, 2012
@Foreever_young I love them all equally to. I don't think there is anything that you can improve, its really good already, Your good with detail and spelling. :)
Cami_Kira Cami_Kira Feb 28, 2012
@BreannaLynn1497 haha yupp i love them all equally but he was the first one ;) omg thanksyouuu!! Updating soon again and hope you like it ;) tell me what to improve! :Dxxx i'm still reading urs and...LOVE IT. <3 xxx
BreannaLynn1497 BreannaLynn1497 Feb 28, 2012
Finally another person that fell in love with Liam first!! :) 
                              This story is really good. Your good with details, a lot better than I am. Keep writing.