Solace (Beyond Birthday)

Solace (Beyond Birthday)

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Light shocks his younger sister Akari when he reveals the truth to her: the fact that he's Kira. The two of them are brought to Investigation Headquarters under suspicion of being the first and second Kira. 

That's where Akari meets another likely suspect.

He goes by the name of Beyond Birthday.

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kusagare kusagare Apr 18, 2017
Beyond Birthday looks nothing like L. He used a vast amount of cosmetics to make himself look like L, but he does not actually look like him!
YachePache YachePache Jan 22
Doesn't Beyond Birthday just wear a ton of make up to make himself look like L?
assholeissofuckinggo assholeissofuckinggo May 05, 2015
ok hiro nakamura you cant be stopped.. heroes is amazing tho
QuellerAnime QuellerAnime Aug 30, 2014
This is the best fanfiction I've found thus far on Wattpad...
ElenoriaXWyvern1994 ElenoriaXWyvern1994 Nov 14, 2011
This is really nice...I guess I haven't gotten far enough to meet BB though...
jaeiin jaeiin Jun 24, 2011
@Sakuramiracles Thank you! :) Oh, and this story doesn't really have anything to do with the Death Note: Another Note novel; in fact the story plot is completely different :D I just put what I knew about Beyond's characteristics and quirks into the story, based off of the novel.