I Wish

I Wish

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Kristina By xokristinaxo13 Updated Feb 27, 2012

'I love you.'

I read the note with balled up fits, piercing eyes and a flaring nose. Idiots. All of them.

"What's the matter Riley?" Mark whispered, leaning across the lab table. He had wrote the note. "Your not in to me? You got a guys name so you must like girls, right?" He threw his head back and let out a silent hackle. Eli and Josh did the same, cupping their hands over their mouths to hold in their laughter at the idiotic joke.

"That ones getting pretty old Mark." I sighed, smoothing out my pony tail, trying to keep my cool.

He jerked his head back around to look at me. "I still think it's pretty funny." He smirked, turning back around in his seat.

"You would. Your sense of humor is more like a five-year-old than seventeen." I laughed in my head at my own joke. It wasn't too funny, still funnier than his, though.

"At least I have some humor, unlike you." He whispered.

Amber told me that Mark had problems, big problems she would say. But she wouldn't say what kind of problems. Either way it doens't matter. He's a jerk and I will be a jerk right back.

Riley thinks that Mark is just and ass, but she doesn't know the trtuh behind his pain, why he lashes out on her randomly, or what his problem is. As she discovers bruise after bruise, will she put the pieces together and find out what is happening with Mark? Why Amber, her best friend, would be keeping such a secret from her because she "swore on her mother's grave," that she would not tell a sole. This secret, Mark's secret, could ruin his family forever.

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Im the charm I responded third lol so anyways i love ur story :p