The Rejected Hybrid (Editing)

The Rejected Hybrid (Editing)

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walrusarely_4 By walrusarely_4 Updated Dec 22, 2017

Clementine has been abused and bullied ever since her parents were murder by rogues. When it is her 16th birthday she knows she will find her mate and she will shift. She just hopes it works out.

When Clementine finds her mate she expects to be taken away from her horrible pack. Except that doesn't happen, Clementine is rejected by the soon-to-be alpha Jacob Black.

Jacob Black is the soon-to-be alpha of the red moon pack. When he finds out Clementine is his mate he rejects her and she runs until she can't run anymore.

When Clementine is far away she starts to shift but she doesn't believe what she is. A Hybrid.

Clementine is many creatures she is a...

Clementine's wolf is the rarest wolf in the world. She is a white wolf with gold markings along her side. Her wolf changes colors depending on her mood. She has many powers and when she is in human form her hair, eye, and nail color(like if she painted her nails ) change depending on her mood. On the outside, there is a glowing light surrounding her when she uses her powers. Her eyes also glow and her hair blows around like if there was wind.

When she runs across the strongest pack in the world the blue crescent moon pack. They take her in and she feels like she is finally home. What happens when she still has feelings for Jacob? What happens when she has to go back to her old pack after 4 years of being gone? 

When she goes back to help her old pack will they recognize her after being gone for 4 years? Little did they know she's the strongest wolf in the world and she is like 3 times bigger than an alpha. She is also the strongest fighter in the pack without using her powers.

Follow Clementine on her adventure through Love, Rejection, Hate and most importantly Revenge.

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