The Omegas Story

The Omegas Story

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Paige By were_wolf_11 Updated Apr 21, 2014

"Attack on the borders!" One of the pack warriors screamed as he collapsed to the floor with an arrow sticking out of his back. 

A scream came from his mate as she fell to the floor beside her loved one.

Children and women screamd at the sight before them.

"Children and women to the safe house, Warriors, fighters and Omegas come with me." Our Alpha commanded.
That was the day I lost my parents because they like me were Omegas.

I lost everything in that battle my family, my friends,  my parents house even the respect of the pack. 

After the pack I  was treated as the Maid or Servant of the pack.

When my escape finally comes I have to fight a war to finally get away from a place haunted by my own memories.

  • alpha
  • mate
  • omega
y_so_jelly y_so_jelly Aug 28
Umm weren't you in the same predicament as me...mmhmm I'll wait so why didn't yo ahh get up and save them since you worried about me so much ain't no body tell you to just sit here
How do you have all these if your considered as the lowest as the low
KaylaMahone92 KaylaMahone92 Aug 12, 2016
I would've been like "Really Nigga why didn't you do anything you're older than me😒"
badbitches_rule badbitches_rule Sep 06, 2016
Then there is me : listen here pussy boy you are sitting there and they are your mom ,dad, and sister. And on that note I can not live without my parents