Just One Chance(On Hold)

Just One Chance(On Hold)

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Lupita∞ By lupedogg Updated Jun 21, 2014

14-year-old Relesley M. Reyes has always liked to party with her best friend 14-year-old Marley Payne.  Both so happen to be werewolfs..... and Relesley so happens to find her mate at a pack party.  But what happens when he, 15-year-old Jason Laroche, her mate and soon to be alpha of the Midst Pack, 'cheats' on her?  She leaves Cress, Valley, California and moves to Vail, Massachusetts where she meets two new people that help her and shape her into the person she turns into. And what happens when she goes back to the place where all the drama started, bringing those two said people? 

 2 years have passed since Relesley left and in those 2 years Jason has done everything to find his mate.. what happens when she comes back?  A LOT!

now i will shut up so you guys can read! :D

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RapNamFamBam RapNamFamBam Nov 09, 2013
No but there is a Central Valley here in California and its where I lie around at lol