One Forgotten Summer

One Forgotten Summer

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Bree By ambience16 Updated Jan 27, 2011

It was just an accident, they said. A random, bizarre, freak accident. They said it was nobody’s fault. And nobody should be blamed. But it was something that was really unforgettable: two girls paid the price.

The accident gave seventeen year old Amelia Shane short-term memory loss. The pretty young girl who was going to become a photographer could no long remember her own name. 

But Amelia’s older sister, Alexandria, wasn’t so lucky. The accident cost Alex her life. 

Amelia’s best friend, Shannon Burt, was there the day of the accident. She knows the Shane sisters better than their own step-father. And Shannon feels somewhat responsible for Alex’s death. But Shannon thinks that Amelia and Alexandria’s tragic demise may not be an accident, and she’s willing to prove it, even if she has to give up her own life.

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