Eddsworld:Combined [Tomatoredd × Reader] *COMPLETE*

Eddsworld:Combined [Tomatoredd × Reader] *COMPLETE*

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🔅significant annoyance💀 By scl-ana Completed

Y/N has always had a liking towards her new roommates, even if she knew one day she could only pick one. But what if, they became one?

Please watch Eddsworld before reading this, it won't make much sense if you didn't. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Please ignore my wrong spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

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CrinGYTowN CrinGYTowN Jun 10
If I had a gun. All dis timez. I would have. Shot Dem. In dem sleepz. >:3
                              You just catch cold
                              Seriously, you slept outside, in a park bench, under the fuc k ing rain!
Your mother gave birth to you on this bench Y/n. Suck it up and respect your birth place
                              tord: SCREEEEEEEEEEEE
                              matt: YAY!!!
                              tom: feel the wrath, commie
CrinGYTowN CrinGYTowN Jun 10
I actually like the song Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows xD
greatfluffy greatfluffy Jul 29
*wakes stranger up from a park bench*
                              *talks for them at the very most an hour*
                              *invites them to live with you*
                              And this is how you either get robbed or killed.
                               buT hEy aT LeASt tHEyRe CuTE