Finally 18 (girlxgirl)

Finally 18 (girlxgirl)

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Cooper's finally 18 years old. Finally a young adult. She can finally live a carefree life. 

Well, as carefree as you can live when you're the world's biggest goody two-shoes. Everything about being eighteen is the bee's knees..until she meets Alex. Alex Marsh.

She's trouble with a nasty scowl and perfect hair. She has a terrible past, a terrible present, and probably a terrible future.

And Cooper doesn't know it yet, but soon, she'll become a huge part of Alex's life, and not exactly for the better.

Life takes a turn when she's Finally 18.

UniversalRespect UniversalRespect Oct 01, 2016
Byebye *hairflip, blows kiss, fabulous walk, rainbow glitter parade, background singers, spotlight*
                              Dat fabulous got out of hand
LMeghan LMeghan Nov 16, 2016
I'll come back to comment later if I like the story. But I Think I have to come back.
LaurusNobilis5 LaurusNobilis5 Sep 15, 2015
How do u live in California and go to north lake mall in Georgia or do they have one there
PokemonLV PokemonLV Sep 08, 2015
This is like when Levi smiles. It's a miracle when it happens
FrozenTits FrozenTits Jul 05, 2014
again, awesome book, but word of advice, cut down on the dialogue, but apart from that awesome book, straight up
duygu05 duygu05 Feb 07, 2014
Even though I'm not homosexual, I like this kind of stories, especially lesbian stories :)