Finally 18 (girlxgirl)

Finally 18 (girlxgirl)

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Cooper's finally 18 years old. Finally a young adult. She can finally live a carefree life. 

Well, as carefree as you can live when you're the world's biggest goody two-shoes. Everything about being eighteen is the bee's knees..until she meets Alex. Alex Marsh.

She's trouble with a nasty scowl and perfect hair. She has a terrible past, a terrible present, and probably a terrible future.

And Cooper doesn't know it yet, but soon, she'll become a huge part of Alex's life, and not exactly for the better.

Life takes a turn when she's Finally 18.

KittyKyu KittyKyu Aug 11
Ok so ftr here. If there's any RR's here can y'all tell me what chapter is the first smut scene? Asking for a friend btw.
melo2467 melo2467 7 days ago
I go to the mall that's called Northridge Mall, but this is déjà vu because I was just there
KittyKyu KittyKyu Aug 11
Well in my hs, it always seems like am the only one who cusses and everyone else are saints. 😇
gayerest gayerest 5 days ago
I always grow my hair out and then cut it all off for satisfaction. xD
UniversalRespect UniversalRespect Oct 01, 2016
Byebye *hairflip, blows kiss, fabulous walk, rainbow glitter parade, background singers, spotlight*
                              Dat fabulous got out of hand