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Finally 18 (girlxgirl)

Finally 18 (girlxgirl)

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hiiiicuteasabutton By hiiiicuteasabutton Completed

Cooper's finally 18 years old. Finally a young adult. She can finally live a carefree life. 

Well, as carefree as you can live when you're the world's biggest goody two-shoes. Everything about being eighteen is the bee's knees..until she meets Alex. Alex Marsh.

She's trouble with a nasty scowl and perfect hair. She has a terrible past, a terrible present, and probably a terrible future.

And Cooper doesn't know it yet, but soon, she'll become a huge part of Alex's life, and not exactly for the better.

Life takes a turn when she's Finally 18.

UniversalRespect UniversalRespect Oct 01, 2016
Byebye *hairflip, blows kiss, fabulous walk, rainbow glitter parade, background singers, spotlight*
                              Dat fabulous got out of hand
LMeghan LMeghan Nov 16, 2016
I'll come back to comment later if I like the story. But I Think I have to come back.
She probably has a reason that she does that, I mean not everyone is a stuck up bitch. Like, yea some people are mean but you really don't know what's going on in their life.
LaurusNobilis5 LaurusNobilis5 Sep 15, 2015
How do u live in California and go to north lake mall in Georgia or do they have one there