The Boy next door  (GrayLu 4Evs)

The Boy next door (GrayLu 4Evs)

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Therese By Sasuxoxo Updated 4 hours ago

Lucy Heartfilla new student first day at school and bad things are already happening. Lucy meets...well actuallly bumped into two hot guys at school got in trouble withone of the guys girlfriend the day can't just get any worse. Lucy finds out that one of the guys lives next door locks herself out of her own apartment and he offers to help for spending a night at his place Lucy tries hard not to fall for him but she thinks it's already too late.

oh and this cover does not belong to me <3 thank you

- - Sep 12, 2016
where the frick  is the punctuation and capital letters?! Like for real, it's killing meeee! Seriously, what's the grammar doing down the road instead of here?! it's clearly needed!
Rylee_Cobb Rylee_Cobb Sep 01, 2016
I know you meant "Levy" but I was thinking of Levi from Attack On Titan XD
Gamergirl176 Gamergirl176 May 07, 2016
im sorry for juvia to see that but I ship Graylu and good so far
skyler_germaya123 skyler_germaya123 Oct 04, 2015
What the, they just met and now theyre kissing. Did the president die?is tsunami starting?are they landslide?does volcano started errupting?
_Kit_Kit _Kit_Kit Mar 24, 2015
Haha! In your face Juvia!! You were never meant to be with Gray!! But I still feel a teensy bit bad for you know, pinch two fingers together and just a tiny space inside? Yeah that's how bad I feel for her!
Sasuxoxo Sasuxoxo Feb 05, 2014
lol sorry i wrote this story really fast cause I wanted to write the next one gomen