Archmage Paladin

Archmage Paladin

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Leehyung2511 By Leehyung2511 Updated Mar 21, 2017

2 years ago, Antonidas Kaleck, a legendary magic researcher discovered a way to obtain eternal life, but he was chased by the people who wished to obtain the eternal life and secluded himself from these people.

Fifty years later, he created another discovery, the temporal portals. With the wish of returning to the past, he tried his new experimental portal but his soul has been transferred to another world instead.

Learning about the knowledge of magic of the world he transferred was undeveloped and only discovered magic two hundred years ago, Antonidas decided to change the knowledge of the magic of this another world.

  • fantasy
  • magic
  • reincarnation
  • romance
  • xianxia

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