The Sapphire Secret

The Sapphire Secret

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Itz_RayRay05 By Itz_RayRay05 Updated May 06, 2017

I walked along the tree line of the forest near my friends house. The music from the party that was too loud for my liking played in the distance. I had to take a break from the party and all the drunk people trying to get with me or sleep with me. My blonde hair flowing in the fall breeze. I walked over to the patio where one of my friends was sitting. 

"Char? What are you doing out here and not inside where the party is?" Grace said pointing to the party happening  inside. I shrugged my shoulders and sat beside Grace. 

"It was too loud for me so I went outside then I saw you so I came over here." I answered. My back started to hurt a bit and the pain spread from a section on my back to my full back and shoulders. I cringed and let out a scream. Grace ran over to me and looked like she was talking to someone, but no one was there. Suddenly Derek, Jackson, Even, Emma, Dannielle, and a person who I haven't met before was all circled around me. My eyes fluttered to a close. The last thing that I heard was what Jackson said, "You are gonna be okay. I promise."

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