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Vanessa By winstallenski Updated Sep 12, 2015

Dean Winchester has come across many women in his time on the road as a hunter. Always having been one for non commital "relationships", he enjoyed hooking up with girls, and girls enjoyed hooking up with him. Of course, that doesn't mean he's completely immune to being shot by cupid.

Over the years, Dean has met a few girls who captured his heart in ways that other's did not. Gabriella Hildalgo was one of them. Dean had met her while he and his dad were working a case, and saved her life more than once on that occassion. During that time, he'd fallen head over heels for Gabriella, and her feelings were mutual. In a short amount of time, the two had started a passionate relationship. Dean even stuck around a few weeks longer, which is out of the norm for him. But eventually, he had to get back to hunting with his dad, which meant leaving Gabriella behind.

Little did he know, he had left a little piece of himself with her. It was growing inside Gabriella. Knowing Dean's job was important, and he'd never be able to be around for their child, she kept the baby a secret from him and raised the child on her own.

Fourteen years later, Dean has come back to Connecticut with Sam to once again work on a case. After meeting up with a friend, Dean learns about his daughter and is shocked to hear about Gabriella's untimely passing. Unsure of what to do, Sam convinces Dean to meet his child. 

After traveling to Gabriella's hometown and meeting his daughter, Dean is conflicted on whether or not he should be in her life, and if he chooses to, if he is capable of being the father he has always wanted to be.

 DISCLAIMER: I do not own Supernatural. All rights go to the CW, creators, & writers of the show. I only own the characters I make up.


The_omen_labyrinth The_omen_labyrinth Jun 06, 2016
I read Mystic Falls and then i read again and got Beacon Hills...I need to read slowly...nah
gbart03 gbart03 Jun 02, 2016
And then I looked back and Mystic Falls... I literally had to read this 3 times before I got it right 😂😂😂
Ariana_Winchesterxo Ariana_Winchesterxo Dec 28, 2016
So.... this got awkward. Teen Wolf and the Vampire Diaries hybrid town name... in a supernatural fanfic... screw 1 person getting killed in the first 5 minutes because there's about to a bloody massacre in 1.
tlenc1 tlenc1 Jul 10, 2016
Finds out love of life is dead...need time... 
                              *6 seconds later*
                              J: You have a kid with her
                              S: I'm pretty sure six seconds was too soon Jack
-doowneey -doowneey Aug 19, 2016
sam gets really weird around deans friends I kind of just noticed that
Oasis_Wolf Oasis_Wolf Jun 19, 2016
I read Mystic Falls then Bacon Falls then Beacon Hills and then about three more tries until I red it right