Multi Personality Disorder

Multi Personality Disorder

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katy By butterglutton01 Updated Jan 01, 2018

It all started with one of the most loved websites with some of the most loved and respected people, them and their lives destroyed in a matter of minuets and a number of experiments.

Conventions. What a great place to kidnap a small group of youtubers. I don't really remember much about my life before this, I can't really remember what...I was like. All I know is that I was happy, I enjoyed life and I had the best circle of friends. That night was when my life ended.

My names Katy, most famous for making videos on YouTube. I was loved by friends and family and I loved them. But now I'm incapable of love or any other emotion for that matter. They turned me into a dangerous half sociopath who is insanely clever and notices the tiniest of details and has an unstoppable blood lust. I wasn't alone in this, my friends also suffered. This is the story of how me and my friends died.

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