The second fall sister. (RWBY fanfiction \story.

The second fall sister. (RWBY fanfiction \story.

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KaitoFrostwoods By KaitoFrostwoods Updated Mar 22, 2017

Scarlet Falls is the sister of cinder falls, but has a secret even her sister doesn't know about, she has semblance as her sister, her eyes are fiery orange, she had black but dyed it red, she has split Personatily and she has temper issues.

Will Scarlet make friends or not?

Will Scarlet learn to control her split Personatily?

What will happen if Her sister finds out about her secret?

What will happen if Salem finds out about her?

What will happen when ozpin meets her?

I do not own RWBY, the RWBY series belongs to Rooster Teeth and I only own my oc Scarlet Falls.

Find out in the story.

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