To the Moon and Back (Marked Sequel)

To the Moon and Back (Marked Sequel)

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STRONG POWER, THANK YOU. By bastanubis29 Completed

In which things take a slightly darker turn than anticipated, Namjoon is a mess, Jungkook is hopefully a little more present than in Marked, Hoseok and Jimin continue to be BrOTP, Yoongi is finally getting the naps he deserves, Jin is dealing with a whole lot more than planned, Taehyung and (y/n) have an extremely slow burn relationship, Jade has no memories, and Dinah is playing devil's advocate.
"And I'm sorry if that isn't what I want anymore, because now I have perspective! So, for the love of god, just leave me the fuck alone."


"No. I want you all out. Now. And take this with you," she said, pulling her ring off of her finger and flinging it at Namjoon.

She coldly watched him scramble to pick it up off of the floor before evicting everyone from her apartment, sinking to the floor against the door as soon as it was closed.

"Jesus Christ, Jade. What have you done?"
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genisisofinternet genisisofinternet Sep 22, 2017
WOW. I love this book so much, thank you so much for the update!!!! >_<
love4fanfiction love4fanfiction Dec 20, 2017
I always wanted to learn lenguages like starfire from teen Titans
loripeaches loripeaches Oct 11, 2017
I was listening to What2Do by Dean. The song, especially the chorus, fits the well with this situation
kookie0104 kookie0104 Jan 16
This story is more of namjoon and jade instead of me and taetae
saenflower saenflower Oct 21, 2017