Lies, Spies, & Really Cute Guys

Lies, Spies, & Really Cute Guys

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Adogthatwrites By adogthatwrites Updated Apr 11, 2017

Poor little Eleanor. Such a kind and innocent girl...her family was ashamed. And they stayed ashamed for 16 years until the traits Eleanor had been taunted for her entire life could actually be of use.

Eleanor (Ellie) Gardener was the 16 year old daughter of The Department's most praised operatives. Her parents were some of the best spies in the business, so Ellie was naturally shunned when she repeatedly failed at their attempts to teach her the art of espionage. 

Yet somehow, a situation arises that forces her into accepting a mission she doesn't want. It involves infiltrating an opposing force of an evil ruler. But this mission doesn't include stealing documents or taking down bad guys. No, it's centered on making the son of the evil ruler fall in love with Ellie. 

Ellie is not happy with this decision. Ellie knows she is not a flirt, that she is socially awkward, and that she's nowhere near as good looking as any of the other girls training  in The Department. Yet her instructors believe that Ellie is perfect for the job. She's innocent and kindhearted, and they think that she'll be able to win over the heart of 
the spoiled (and gorgeous) bad boy Axel Davidson. 

If only poor little Ellie had known prior to this mission that her kindness would destroy her. 

She didn't read the Terms and Agreements of "Love" before signing on the dotted line. 

"Stealing someone's heart often requires the relinquishing of your own." - Love, page 4 paragraph 6.

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