Befriending a Atheist- a Christian tale

Befriending a Atheist- a Christian tale

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Upon striking up general conversation about another writer's stories on Wattpad. I, a devoted Christian began a conversation (by direct message) about his work.  

I found out this young man and I had nothing in common, but these differences made me appreciate this young man, his character more and more as we spoke.

As we discussed our differences, especially about religion. Without attacking each other's beliefs. 
In doing so, We formed a strong bond of friendship and respect with the other person.

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TheCPOtaku TheCPOtaku Jul 29, 2017
I guess you and I must be opposites of each other. I can't write about things I have experienced but I have a mind full of ideas.
isabellatellez1298 isabellatellez1298 Nov 17, 2017
Is a curious friendship, but I understand it, some of the people who I had a closer friendship were Catholic, when in my case I'm Protestant (they call us that, but you get my point)
TheCPOtaku TheCPOtaku Jul 29, 2017
It does take a while to change your belief. It took me nearly 2 years. I'm glad that your friend is not one of those people who made those kinds of choices without thinking.
TheCPOtaku TheCPOtaku Jul 29, 2017
This happened to me too. If a story is good and I like it then I will keep on waiting for years. It's disappointing that more often than not those stories don't get any updates.
Helen-TheAuthor Helen-TheAuthor Apr 02, 2017
That is honestly so great that neither of you judged each other and remained respectful. I honestly think that sometimes we tend to judge people who aren't our religion even if we don't mean to. We really should accept people the way they are :)
TheCPOtaku TheCPOtaku Jul 29, 2017
Most atheists don't believe in an afterlife so we aren't worried about that. But I do understand your concern.