What a Girl Wants (Completed)

What a Girl Wants (Completed)

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Jess By Jesseybaby Completed

Nicole, a.k.a skinny legs or virgin pants, was never really into Lucas Anderson. The guy who scored with every girl, every girl loving him while he just walked about with one girl on his mind. 

Nicole met Lucas and instantly knew he was a player who thrived on girl's moans but did he really? Lucas kept it a secret for so long...he kept it from her, and from everyone. 

When Nicole finds herself falling for the player will she realise he's different? Can Lucas figure out what a girl wants in time to get Nicole? Is this love I smell or just another friends with benefits situation?

Follow Nicole in her journey to figure out the player's big secret and what girls really want...and need...

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meanierenie meanierenie Nov 07, 2017
Lol only? I have school from 7.30 to 5 or 5.30 lol that makes it about 10 hours
Internetfaerie Internetfaerie Apr 18, 2017
Well I'm 5 years late and I'm yet to read a word but I added it to my library so I'll continue.
Biiiiitch 4 hours I go to school for like 9 and a half hours I wish I had 4 hours that seems like heaven
sstarryeyes sstarryeyes Jul 29, 2017
First paragraph in and I'm already severely confused... 😂
Christina_bain Christina_bain Jul 24, 2017
all of this in the middle of class lol if it was my school the whole class would have already exploded in catcalls
LadyBugLeeLee LadyBugLeeLee Jul 08, 2017
That's good Barbie girl won't shut up omg it's like 11:00 at night and everyone's sleeping ahh