Bedding Camp

Bedding Camp

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"Our women cannot be wooed." Warned the King. 
"They have not met my men." 
The Sovereign replied. 

In Rowland, a kingdom void of love, where even a kiss is unheard of, Illyria is the prim and proper niece of the King, and his unofficial body guard. This princess has never been sated with her position, and has done everything in her power to climb the political ladder to reach the power and prestige she craves, the position of General over the kings army.
On the eve of a marriage arranged to help her climb, a mysterious foreign ruler intrudes the castle walls, a masked leader known only as "The Sovereign." King Hal of Rowland takes this invasion to be a declaration of war, but instead the Sovereign is there to make him an offer he can't refuse. 

Meridian, the suave, lighthearted  General of the Sovereign's army was just an adolescent when the plague that killed his Kindoms female population; including half his family, struck Morwick.
Can he, his twin brother, cousin and the other young men who have mastered seduction and romance to an art form even turn the heads of icy, detached ladies who have never even heard of it? If they fail, war will soon follow. 

In this medieval Hunger Games, What happens when politics meet passion? 100 of Morwick's men must face off against 100 of Rowland's women during "Bedding Camp". Though the Morwick's weapon of choice is not what Illyria is expecting. 

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I've never heard of this been done in any fictional story😞, but there is always a first time😐
King dumb as he'll if he does that simply crazy those women had never been shown love so lol strong chance the king greed will be his downfall
This is so refreshing, a woman not after love but for her own good. I've never related to a characters motive before 😂
Bet why? You heard that she was getting married and you now decided to pick her. When she vexes you'll be forming innocent
- - Mar 31
Torture... Castration...Then Death... Dang, I like these laws