Percabeth- one shots

Percabeth- one shots

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pantonio By pantonio Updated May 26, 2016

Author's note-

Ok so I got a lot of reads and someone FINALLY voted on my last story so I figured I would write another one. I'm not very good with long stories so I'm just gonna do some one shots that I randomly think of. Also if you have any ideas I'm open to suggestion. And I'm gonna try to do a question after each story(someone else did that, I don't remember who, but it was a good idea). Ok last thing, besides copyright, these are in a random order so I'll tell you the time period before each one.

Copyright goes to Rick Riordan who writes amazing books very slowly.(seriously Blood of Olympus is coming out in more than a year-house of hades just came out a little while ago.)

turtlephant turtlephant Apr 04, 2017
Blackjack btw was female in titans curse and was changed to male in later books
Marauder32 Marauder32 Dec 31, 2015
I was so disappointed in BOO that I had a major breakdown for two days. My family thought I was crazy :)
booknerdninja booknerdninja Oct 28, 2015
OOOOH I love BOO! Except that there was no Percy or Annabeth point of view...
2001ValkyrieCain 2001ValkyrieCain Dec 28, 2014
It was a depressing book. I feel like he wasn't writing for himself but more for the fan fic people. Meaning it was too much of a happily ever after. (talking about rhe Blood of Olympus btw)