Our Little Secret

Our Little Secret

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Meet Sarah Reed, a seventeen year-old girl without a care in the world. Her life is what people would call average with a few ups and downs, overall it's peaceful enough. Her friends are not that many, but reliable and true to her. Her sister recently moved out and Sarah misses her, though over all her life is perfectly fine. Her mother gets on her nerves occasionally, but most of the time they get along. 

However there is one problem and it goes by the name Jack Davis.

Jack's life and personality are completely opposite Sarah's. He defies teachers, starts brawls, gets in touch with the wrong side of the law frequently and, of course, sleeps with the ladies. The boy is the definition of naughty. His life is not what you'd call average and it has a lot of ups and downs, mostly downs. His friends are many, but he barely trusts even one of them. Jack and Sarah have hardly talked since they were in kindergarten.

The problem for Sarah is that he might be moving into their house, for a whole year.                                                   

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That's said in tons of stories yet there is not an actual story where the 'badboy' has a disease 😂😂
littlepatrisha littlepatrisha Oct 13, 2015
I told you that I will like your story! ;)
                              Kinda sorry about my crazy comments but sometimes I just write what I think. xD
                              But yeah, I am so reading all 70 chapters. :P
littlepatrisha littlepatrisha Oct 13, 2015
Awww that is actually super adorable! I would be happy if a guy gave me a rock!
littlepatrisha littlepatrisha Oct 13, 2015
Exactly, a company of super hot bad boy! But I would probably freak out as well. xD
mtwelvem mtwelvem Jul 11, 2015
OMG. You did a great start!
                              I love your exposition, it looks like you know how to make a smooth and catchy introduction.  I'm looking forward for the next chapters. 
                              You're awesome and inspiring. Keep it up! :)
chiliad chiliad May 10, 2015
It really pulls you in, the reader doesn't get bored at all! It kept me reading through, keep going! XD