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Never Trust A Bad Boy

Never Trust A Bad Boy

12.1K Reads 350 Votes 19 Part Story
Love, Anonymous By XLoveAnonymousX Updated Jul 30, 2018

"Do-do I know you?"
  "I don't know do you?"
  "Oh my god...Jake."
  "Alex, how have you been?"
  Alex's life is right where she wants it. She has the greatest best friend, and an amazing boyfriend. Things are finally looking up for her, for once she's one step ahead of her past. But what happens when your past catches up to you?
  Jake was the classic bad boy all the girls fell for, but picked up a certain interest for Alex, back when they were in middle school. Alex thought she would never see him again, she relied on never seeing him again. Jake was someone she tried to forget, but when he suddenly begins attending Alex's high school, Alex can't run from her past any longer. Even if Jake is 'bad news' Alex begins to develop feeling for him all over again. But what about her new relationships? Is she about to put everything in jeopardy? And what if Jake really, really isn't good news? What if he's the opposite...even dangerous?

Winner of the Global Awards PCA 

 #402 in bad boy: July 30th 2018
#142 in bad boy: August 8th 2018

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