3028 {EDITING}

3028 {EDITING}

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The year is 3028 on planet Earth.

Decades ago, aliens from Jupiter attacked Earth. They were defeated and never heard from again, until now.

March 9, 3028 is Aster Balker's 18th birthday, the day she's been waiting for her entire life. But she never thought it would turn out like this. 

The Jupiterites have returned and they're seeking revenge. Aster and her family are running for their lives and are trying to stop  the invasion of Earth. 

In this sci-fi story, the fate of the planet rests in Aster's hands, but she must face challenges she's never dreamed of including hatred-filled enemies, new allies, and stunning revelations that nobody saw coming.

                        Earth Will Prevail

 *EDITING!!! This book is completed, but is slowly being edited. There will be mistakes, so feel free to point them out.

(Pronounced three-thousand twenty-eight)

Amazing cover by @kerozeo!!!

Gorgeous chapter banners by @Pennywithaney!!!

Highest Ranking: #11 in Science Fiction (10/14/17)

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- - Sep 20
Jupiter is a planet made of gas. There can not be aliens there.
Xemnas4 Xemnas4 Sep 14
Again, "came out victorious" has a slightly conflicting tone. Maybe "stood victorious" instead? Also, instead of "tensions were still high" maybe say "tensions remained high"?
Xemnas4 Xemnas4 Sep 14
I agree with the idea to have this be an excerpt from a historical text. It wouldn't take much to give it the tone of one--just some slight rewording like what I pointed out--and it could basically be something straight out of the MC's history class, or whatever the futuristic equivalent.
smartdog142 smartdog142 Aug 23
This book is amazing so far! But I recommend maybe saying this is an excerpt from a history book to make it seem more realistic... just a thought!
This was great! So much info! And the debate over the ethical treatment of AI's reminded me a ton of Westworld. 😊 Great job.
Xemnas4 Xemnas4 Sep 14
The "it's not right" part feels tonally disconnected from the rest. Perhaps, to contrast the use of "supporting" earlier in the sentence, you could use "denouncing", since clearly this is the crux of the conflict.