Hand In Hand (COMPLETED)

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Jessica By jellyjesss1313 Completed
Ally is a regular teenage girl. Her father died when she was 12 and she lives with her mother and little brother Cody. She goes to high school in an average sized town. But nobody knows the truth about Ally. For 2 whole years she has been trapped in what seems like hell. Her boyfriend Matt won't let her go. If she does anything wrong he abuses her. It starts to get so bad that she feels there is no point in trying to get him to stop. Until the new boy Christopher Green catches Matt in the act. Ally keeps trying to deny Chris's help but he just ignores that. She keeps pushing him away but in the end there is something about him that she can't stop thinking about. Will she end up thinking twice about letting him in?
Wouldn't let me play it, so found it on YouTube.. It is amazing!!!! ❤️❤️
Ive been seeing the cover of the book for a while and i finally decided to read it but i must admit that it was the cover that discouraged me a lot at first!
Awesome video and great concept. I'm voting for it even if I'm just starting it.it seems promising
Love this book. You did an amazing job. Would love to see it on screen too! Crossing my fingers lol ;)
I love this book you should definitely make more like this and plus I love it. When you make more you should use the same type of story just change it up but about girls and boys caring for them. It just sounds good.
I LOVE thr Trailer it actually makes sense with the story!!! I love your story too.:)