The Muggle Experiment ~ Draco Malfoy

The Muggle Experiment ~ Draco Malfoy

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Not Megan By MeganLuvsU Completed

*COMPLETE* Megan Payne is the average potterhead. She is completely obsessed. She has Harry Potter clothing, all the books and movies (and has read and watched them numerous times), has trinkets, and even writes Harry Potter fan fictions on a website called 
One day, after walking home from school she finds a particular Hogwarts headmaster in her house. Professor Dumbledore tells her that he wants her to come to Hogwarts so that the teachers can conduct an experiment, an experiment to try to teach a muggle magic! 
Megan is brought to the Order of the Phoenix HQ and will attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in September. 
Throughout the school year she starts to wonder, maybe teaching a muggle magic wasn't the only reason why she was brought here?

WARNING: This book is VERY random and in many places makes no sense whatsoever. It has little to no plot line and was written out of sheer boredom, and just to express my built up randomness. I have no clue how it got popular. 
Also, this book contains much swearing. 
If you do not like the previously listed things, please don't read this book, let alone comment rude things. 

Romance is guaranteed. *COMPLETE*

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makofalltrades makofalltrades Dec 20, 2017
                              *stubbles across the hallway*
                              “No! That was Betty! I FOUND FUÇKING DUMBLEDORE!”
                              *rolls eyes*
                              *an actual hobo old arse man follows her into the house*
hells_fire01 hells_fire01 Jun 25, 2017
Well you see I am a top secret spy from the muggle land to look over potter and his friends. However I was caught and now I am sent here to live my DREAM
jade_black91 jade_black91 Oct 10, 2017
Literally I had a dream that I knew about the Wizarding world and Dumbledore took me to Hogwarts with him
IvanTheGayest IvanTheGayest Mar 30, 2017
My mum would probablly just pack a few random things for me and shooed me to the front door. Turning to Dumbledore she would said "Don't send her back till the end of the year."
TheSteampunkQueen TheSteampunkQueen Jan 14, 2017
Yeah "Innocently" and "Weasley Twins" Just don't go together. AND THEY'RE BOTH MIIIIIIINNNNEE
CougarMusic CougarMusic Jan 17, 2017
For me it wouldn't be just a grin…I would be screaming my head off in excitement!