The Dead Boy (Ziall)

The Dead Boy (Ziall)

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Lisa By Caliske_XP Completed

12 April 1934,

The Horan family was found brutally murdered in their house. Wife and husband had been gagged and maimed before being shot in the head. Their 17-year old son, Niall Horan, was found in his bedroom's closet. He had been gagged and maimed too, but far worse than his parents. A horrendous smile was cut on his face, his eyes burned away. 
The murderer was never found.

80 years later, 18-year old Zayn Malik has just moved into the little cottage he bought. It literally is his dream house, in the middle of the countryside, close to the woods. Now he can finally relax on his own, away from his parents and the city... Or so he thought.
Not long after he moved to his new house, Zayn starts noticing weird things. He starts seeing unnatural things, nightmares afflict his dreams every night and, what is the tale of the boy, murdered in his very house? 

Warning: lots of blood. It's boyxboy! Please don't read if you don't like it.  This is a work of fiction, so before you send hate, remember 'you can never lie in fiction' 

Cover made by PartOfMyHeart

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tomlintears_ tomlintears_ Jul 06, 2017
why does zayn not zayn when he should but zayn when he shouldn't
larrymaymarry larrymaymarry Oct 08, 2017
I had to look these up cause I never heard of them, but the black Dahlia one is really messed up, it was kinda unsettling to look at the pics
Be_Happy_Lovecx Be_Happy_Lovecx Jul 03, 2017
Como cuando apenas sé inglés pero muero por leerla.
                              ¡A leer se ha dicho!💕
Boss_Holmes Boss_Holmes Sep 04, 2017
I just wanted to ask if there's any translation to the spanish of this fic? Cause I really wanna read it but I could find any. Still I'll read the English version if there's not... just asking hahha
tomlintears_ tomlintears_ Jul 06, 2017
the book cover is enough to give me nightmares I'm not ready for the actual story tbh
Zangel2002 Zangel2002 May 12, 2017
*looks over at twin sis who is sleeping* Okay with her I'm safe.