Untouchable (Watty 2012 Awards Finalist - LGBT)

12 Part Story 67.2K Reads 1K Votes
L.V.  Lloyd By elveloy Completed
Alan Stewart was already torn between two men, Max the too-young son of his best friend and Michael, running from his past.  Now it looked like his best friend had got himself mixed up in murder  ... (LGBT / Slash)  
    Aurigan Space Series Book Five
I just started reading the Amazon version -- I've got a free week next week and want to catch up. :)
Already this is a riveting, scary read. Excellent hook - my only little quibble is to make it clearer who Lang is. I take it that's the victim's father?
Another great beginning -- can't wait to see where this one goes!
Max sounds like a cutie, and could it be that his dad isn't as acceptable of gays as he makes out to be. Anyway love the beginning of the story, can't wait to finish it :D
I love your sci fi slash books, they're amazing! You're very talented at writing:-) hope to read more.
Hey sorry I haven't started reading until I just couldn't help but wait for the story to be finished so that I could go straight to the next chapter. And I guess it was worth the wait because I can't wait to read more!!  X)