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Beyond Gone (Watty Awards 2011: Comment/Vote/Fan)

Beyond Gone (Watty Awards 2011: Comment/Vote/Fan)

5K Reads 107 Votes 8 Part Story
Sarah By RedRidingInTheHood Updated Jul 03, 2011

16 year old Kylie has had it hard. And it just got harder. After the death of her parents at a young age and her trying to look after her younger brother; her school happens across a club at an all boys school where two twin brothers are the head of the team, and she is forced to ask for help. Supernatural help that is. 

With four girls haunting friendship crumbling until the state of killing and heartbreak, can they really solve the mystery and lay the spirits to rest before they come to harm Kylie and the one's she loves? With a case about death, struggle, and lose, can she really hope to find a future with Sebastian? And if so, what if other feelings come up as it plays out...?

RedRidingInTheHood RedRidingInTheHood Mar 09, 2011
@NahDeesession I probs won't, and thats fine because u made it worth putting it up in the watty awards <3 thanks for reading and the vote <3
RedRidingInTheHood RedRidingInTheHood Mar 09, 2011
@NewAge-Book Thank u <3 and I guess you got that feel because I got the idea from other plots and thus came up with the idea ;) thank u for reading <3
NahDeesession NahDeesession Mar 09, 2011
Good story so far I must admit :D V voted for it, I hope you make round 2 of the watty awards
NewAge-Book NewAge-Book Mar 08, 2011
Im not a big haunted/horror fan but the story is pretty good and keeps me wondering whats going to happen next.Characters and writing style are very nice.
                              Bad part is I feel like I have already heard the same story before.Anywho,great stuff!!
RedRidingInTheHood RedRidingInTheHood Mar 06, 2011
@Merralice Thank u so much <3 and I know. I hope to correct those mistakes, or at least not make them in my further updates :)
Merralice Merralice Mar 06, 2011
Honest opinion: Awesome story so far, great plot, great characters, and everything you expect from a ghost story! I caught a few punctuation and grammar mistakes, but other than that, you did a really good job! Vote!