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Cordially Cordelia (Letters Of Change Series Book 6) (Completed)

Cordially Cordelia (Letters Of Change Series Book 6) (Completed)

122K Reads 5.8K Votes 18 Part Story
K.C. Goodwin By Kassilassie Completed

(First Draft)
Gideon looked at the parchment the small woman held before him, an incredible picture of Max stared back at him under it simple handwriting read MAXIMUS JAMES. It only said his name nothing else but he knew she was looking for the child he had just adopted.
He looked at the woman who bore great likeness to Max; her eyes were the same big brown eyes Maximus had. Her hair was the color of sand falling about her shoulders in slight waves; her lips were pink with the top lip larger than the bottom. Her nose sat slightly lower than some but fit her face perfectly. And she wore an outdated white dress that was far too large making Gideon wonder when the last time she ate was.
"I'm sorry who did you say you were?"
"Cordelia James, Maximus' mother" She said in a quiet voice, as if she had been expected to be quiet her whole life "Have you seen him?" She asked her big brown eyes danced with hope as they looked into his.
"Yes. I adopted Max only weeks ago..."

duchessdome duchessdome Sep 30, 2016
Please did you change Rhiannon's name to Annie? Her name is Haley mentioned and I have read 5 of your books
comet_ comet_ Nov 30, 2016
Can I read this book as a stand alone? Or should I read the previous books first
cheoncheonhi cheoncheonhi Sep 28, 2014
oh that makes more sense now, since I read Isaac story first and then was shocked that I have missed 4 or 5 siblimgs.. hahaha.. now it is more realistic to maintain such a family :)
KarlaFerreira6 KarlaFerreira6 Jun 26, 2014
It is so funny to read about Lorraine and Isaac here. I m reading the other book , where Isaac is the main character.
LelaDanielleMason LelaDanielleMason Apr 19, 2014
no sorry needed your the writer. it just was a bit like hey wait there just gone. lol. I'm still loving the series. can't wait to see how rose an Isaac will come together, then who will be next, assuming there will be more.
LelaDanielleMason LelaDanielleMason Apr 18, 2014
so your the author and can do what you like, but in the first books you mention them quite a bit, and now they are gone? that's going to be hard to forget since I read these before you changed it. I'm going to feel like some family went missing. but I'm loving the series.