Forgotten Heir

Forgotten Heir

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Underestimated Queen By underestimated_queen Updated Jan 17

Born and raised in a palace. Born and raised an heiress. Born and raised to rule a kingdom.
Makara is an Egyptian Princess. Daughter of the Queen. Niece of Egypt's saviour, the King. As the only child growing up in the palace, Makara is treated with absolute luxury. The people love her parents, and so do all the members of the court. At least, that's what she was led to believe. 

And then, alas - as is the unfortunate case with most untouchable, well-lead lives of joy and happiness - tragedy strikes. With the King murdered before her eyes, and her mother taken captive and forced to marry his killer, Makara escapes to the city, where her father lives.

With the murderer overtaking the throne, Makara has, quite literally, the whole of Egypt looking for her, at the King's orders. She is a threat to him. She is a threat to everything.

And now, as the new king gains more power and support, Makara must fight against all odds to stay hidden and rescue her mother.

AMAZING cover by @xHiddenAngelx
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