Love...Thy Will Be Done

Love...Thy Will Be Done

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After suffering for years, Prince (45) decides to address his pain and have a double hip replacement and surgery for nerve damage. As he rehabilitates, he realizes a lot of his 'friends' have forsaken him since he's not able to actively help their career or throw lavish parties. Midway through his physical therapy Marcus Robinson, his physical therapist, is replaced with a pretty gal Alessandra Marino (35) who Prince sparks an interest. The thing is...she is not interested in all. Can Prince bring her around, or are they destined to be only friends? Love...thy will be done.

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While imitation is truly a form of flattery, it's not when you're a writer, it's called plagiarism. I work very hard on conceptualizing a story and my writing. If you duplicate my story, take a concept or a slight nuance from my writing, then it's a call to be more creative.

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mimi45961 mimi45961 Jul 02, 2017
In all honesty, I don't think that he was lonely all of the time, he had close friends & whatnot. But there were times where he needed someone who could truly understand him, you could be surrounded by a whole lot of people in a room & still feel alone.
TrueT3 TrueT3 Jan 12
Oop Kirk wait a minute !!! You better watch it when you talking to him or I’ll put a heeled foot up to azz then you will feel pain
sndjhd sndjhd May 31, 2017
As much as I LOVE Prince and Isabella (love!!), this is starting off spectacularly.  You've just got the gift girl!
TrueT3 TrueT3 Jan 06
You forgot the starfish butterscotch clouds and the ham with tangerines 🍊
mimi45961 mimi45961 Jul 02, 2017
I love the way you put this @IsaNelson69 😍😍😍😍😍
loswithiel loswithiel Jul 23, 2017
Do you believe Kirk was an enabler? I find he surrounded himself with the wrong people from what I have read. I am waiting for a book by Alan Leeds as I think he will know Prince and his early life.