Grave (Work in Progress)

Grave (Work in Progress)

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Kelsey By KeruFaye Updated Dec 29, 2012

To say the city of Celeste is in trouble would be an understatement. Demons known as Plagues are polluting the town and
devouring human souls. Worst of all, they're invisible to all but a select few, those that possess the Sight.

Kyrce Sirula is one of those few. He hunts Plagues for a living. While nothing about his job has ever been easy, things get a whole lot more complicated when a leader emerges and a young woman who also has the Sight appears. Not to mention an  old enemy out for blood.

Leilia "Lei" Hollins has always seen things that weren't there. But her mundane life as a filing clerk is turned on its head when she's asked to keep watch on an eccentric but beautiful man. Turns out he knows a lot about the shadows that have been chasing her. Not one to sit on the sidelines, she decides to help him hunt the Plagues. And gets in way over her head.

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