In Love with Peter Pan (Once Upon a Time)

In Love with Peter Pan (Once Upon a Time)

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"How are we going to defeat Pan if he's so powerful?" Emma asks.

"We are going to defeat Peter Pan with every man's weakness" Hook says.

David raises an eyebrow, Rumplestiltskin would have done the same, put he decided to ditch the group and go solo looking for Henry.

"And what's that?" Emma says, smirking.

Hook unravels a scroll, "Love"

Hook, Emma, David, Mary-Margaret, and Regina sent me to do something I thought I would never do. Make Peter Pan fall in love with me so that they can get a boy, named Henry, back. 

Will it work? I don't know. Will someone come out heartbroken? Maybe. Will Peter Pan fall in love with me? I don't know. Will I fall in love with Peter Pan? I don't know. But something about this plan, tells me that something is going to go wrong. I hope that feeling is wrong.

A Peter Pan (Robbie Kay from Once Upon a Time) love story between (of course) Peter Pan and Raven (she's an OC chracter that I made up.) PLEASE READ!!! The fanfic will be good! Promise! :D

ReadingForComfort ReadingForComfort Jul 26, 2016
Peter pan was actually an angel who took people to heaven in their dreams. All those kids were actually dead.
llama445566 llama445566 May 21, 2016
@Hurt_Feelings I think this is the perfect book for u. I mean u love Peter Pan right? 😀😝
Kitty193Fl Kitty193Fl Feb 06
Honestly all i know about Peter Pan is his disney version and the one where he killed the children because they tried to escape and Hook was the one who escaped(hand got cut off by Pan)
rehmana04 rehmana04 Feb 18, 2016
yep I cant agree with you more Emma Disney ruined my childhood but hey peter pan I like him this way
Actcat123 Actcat123 Feb 10, 2016
Once Upon A Time change fairytales for me. In love with the show so much
Singer103 Singer103 Oct 21, 2015
@Technonao Aww! I'm so happy that you like this story! Thanks for reading!:D