Voice of Truth

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Lights L. By obliviongirl14 Updated 5 years ago
Kasie Rose was only thirteen when her parents died in a fire. She lives alone but is being watched over by her boyfriend, Jake, and his parents. Everything falls apart when an unexpected event comes along. She reunites with an old friend, Ethan, who will now be responsible for Kasie.
ohh.. I really like it wandy. Its kinda sad in a good way. im reading more!
please continue!!! pretty please.... with cherry and toppings on top
ooh this was a wonderful chapter and it's only the 2nd. :D
                                    Can't wait for you to continue, the song even made it parfait for backround music. :]
                                    Awesome can't wait for 3.
no one will EVER be fine..... :D
                                    That's good and makes waaay much more sense to me now. :]