Crazy House

Crazy House

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Anna By AnnaKayTallat Updated Feb 13, 2016

Juliette Rivers is crazy. Or at least that's what her parents think, not to mention the doctors. But she knows the truth, that the things she sees are far from imaginary. And worse, those things are out to get her. But maybe, just maybe, a little craziness is exactly what she needs to save her.

"Oh Juliette, come out come out wherever you are. Come on my dear, don't you want to play a game with me?" He purrs. His words send a shiver of horror throughout my body. "I know you are out there Juliette, I hear that frantic little heart of yours beating. I can practically see your perfect pale breasts heaving in panic." He takes a few more steps forward then stops. A moment later, I hear him chuckle. He had found me."

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Cover by @nameeramariyam

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