"You're mine." (ON HOLD)

"You're mine." (ON HOLD)

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Daydream1011 By Daydream1011 Updated Oct 09, 2014


     Some would risk everything to protect what's theirs, to keep what belongs to them forever... but would they be able to risk their live or their loved ones and their family just to protect the one person that holds their heart in their hands? Even if that person holds a death wish over their head?

     Jane Mourne couldn't care less about the snotty, pretty girls around her or the whole school for that matter. She just wanted out, and without any sign of a wolf ever appearing in her she knew that her way out would never happen, especially when she's stuck with an overprotective older cousin who just happened to be a part of the hot "bad boys" click of the school. He was constantly glued to her side every time she left the house. Talk about over bearing. She saw her life heading no where and being the only human of her pack she was quietly ridiculed, not out loud but in snide comments as she passed the famous slutty girls in her school. Well, that is until the day her "mate" officially steps into her life. Now she either has to chose a life with the guy she never expected or one as the rejected human. Decisions, decisions....

Drake Hawthorne was the soon to be Alpha of the Darkmoon pack and the worst "bad boy" of them all. He had all the girls crumbling at his feet with one smile, and the rest of the pack (and student population) in the palm of his hand. So the day he finally recognized his mate, he was shocked to say the least. He never wanted to meet his "other half", in fact he despised the idea, but when he walked into his first period class on little Jane's seventeenth birthday he couldn't be happier. He loved her, one look at her and he was hooked. It didn't matter that she was his best friends little cousin, it didn't matter that she hated him, because in the end she was his and he will stop at nothing to make sure that never changes.

midnight_clusters midnight_clusters 7 days ago
I like how she tried to reject him and how he obviously likes he because he refused the rejection
VHThompson VHThompson Jul 09, 2015
I've only read the first chapter and I'm hooked!!! I love books that draw in me like a fish out of water right from the start!!
FlipThatBirdy FlipThatBirdy Aug 05, 2014
Holy- wow. Is it bad that I so would of done that? you know, the rejection thing? It's kind of fun to do so... well for me it is.
FlipThatBirdy FlipThatBirdy Aug 05, 2014
Haha... you did tell him to f*ck you, so of course he's gonna come over.
angelina557 angelina557 Jun 01, 2014
Well when you say it like that, he's definitely coming over.
erinmccoy55 erinmccoy55 Jan 03, 2014
Because if they're scrawny and pale they're not attractive and can't be the "bad boy" plus that's how she wanted him to be so that's how she made him to be in her book