Running from him

Running from him

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Queen Dopeness By QueenDooeness Updated Mar 11

Alessandro  De Luca is a very stubborn man; but thats not the worst part he's also the head of a Italian mob. He care only for his money and he thinks nothing else matters in this world.But for him fate have something else planned a very beautiful and feisty dark-skinned witch. watch this beautiful creature step into his club one passionately night.

Katrina Jones is a very stubborn independent woman that likes working hard for what she wants in life. so she likes to sticks to her quite and stress free environment. when she agree's to step out of her peaceful soundings and into the dangerous zone know as Alessandro  De Luca. SEXY, DARK, AND DON'T FORGET IGNORANT.

What will she do? How will he react? Will the two stubborn people bump heads or fall hopelessly in love.

Cbritt04 Cbritt04 Jul 10
That's one that you don't do: Feel bad. Put your damn foot down for once, and tell her ass to walk out of your office😒
Cbritt04 Cbritt04 Jul 10
Okay, but there are other ways to show how beautiful you are then dressing like a whore.😒
JU14NITA JU14NITA 5 days ago
Can't relate cause I'm 5'2 buhh 5'7 is my ideal height I wish I could be
CloverKingston CloverKingston Dec 04, 2016
If it was me I would be in a boyfriend shirt with my jeans and boots
I WANNA MAKE LOVE IN THIS CLUB.... Ew That's STD Just Waiting To Happen
kittylarue kittylarue Sep 17, 2016
She A Real Friend For Not Letting Her Walk Out In Them Pink Flats.