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Gone in the Morning

Gone in the Morning

55.1K Reads 3.6K Votes 9 Part Story
Jakayla Toney By Ms_Horrendous Updated Jul 13

Dante thinks he's seen a girl hiding around his family's farm, until he finds out the truth. Her name is Lilith Lambert and she was murdered in his house.
14-year-old Dante Rowen moves to Hammonton with his parents after his sister is murdered. After seeing a girl in his cornfields, Dante is kicked out of school, and the reason why terrifies him: he's living in the house of Lilith Lambert. Lilith's ghost is said to haunt the town with her screams. She was tortured and murdered in Dante's house. But when strange clues and menacing messages start to appear around him, Dante realizes it's up to him to deal with whatever is threatening the town and his family.

  • alone
  • blood
  • crazy
  • creature
  • creepy
  • depressed
  • ghost
  • gore
  • hate
  • horror
  • insane
  • insanity
  • killing
  • love
  • monster
  • murder
  • power
  • scared
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