WCIS: Cold Case

WCIS: Cold Case

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Ivy Bell By Speedy__Girl Completed

The day before 2011, we rounded all the Werecats up at night using what we had learned of what they mostly go to at night...Our only way to stop them..was literately making their scent known to everyone,every animal,every bird in America..This worked for a very long time..

But.,we were wrong:They came back,stronger and smarter than ever at 3005.

Now we have: Werewolf Criminal Investigative Service.

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Londonandeye Londonandeye Mar 01, 2012
Just one little thing I noticed is that New York City (the City part needs to have a capitol too because it is part of the city's name )
Speedy__Girl Speedy__Girl Feb 27, 2012
@Chocolate_Luv Did you not see your live update?XD  No prob, This idea is like three years OLD,been untouched since 2010, typed up the prologue a few hours ago and I am working on chapter one. it'll take a while to get done.
LiddySykes LiddySykes Feb 27, 2012
@IvyBell Oh, okee cool :D (Btw I read your prologue like you asked me to, so read mine too? xD)
Speedy__Girl Speedy__Girl Feb 27, 2012
@Chocolate_Luv  A Werecat is like a cat version of a werewolf.
LiddySykes LiddySykes Feb 27, 2012
I don't usually read these kind of stories... so if you don't mind me asking you, what's a werecat? xD LOL