To the dungeon with me?

To the dungeon with me?

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Nichole By Freckle Updated Feb 28, 2012

what would you say if i told you that there are such things as dragons?

now what would you say if i told you that dragonites are real? you'd probably say "what are those?" 

well I am one My name is felicity waiber, and dragonites are half dragon half people, no i don't have a snout and scales, i only have scales when I'm pissed but let's not jump there yet, I've never met my father before, seems how the dragon trait dominates he was the one to give me the dragon, my mother was only part dragon, so you could barely tell she had anything wrong with her (lucky) but it does come with some perks

for instance i have telekinesis, and i have very good hearing, i can also blend in with walls and pretty much anything els i put my self on. But I have one bad thing, I'm a dark dragonite, Which means the dragon part of me is sort of evil. And to top it all off the guy who i used to play with when i was kid and now hates me becuase of our family's fued, is enrolling in my school, great

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