The Hunger Games - Rebirth - Book 2

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9 years has passed for the Mellark family. Peeta, Katniss and their daughter Aloe are oblivious to the upcoming event and are once again thrust into the drama of the Hunger Games as the Quarter Quell brings forth two Champions. Who will be chosen and who will survive as the rules predict the unchanging one survivor making it out of the arena.
By the way,katniss and peeta have a daughter named willow and son named 
im sorry to say, but........... KATNISS AND PEETA  HAVE 2 KIDS NAMED RYE AND WILLOW!!! not aloe
reading first book when suddenly its 2am. finishing book at 2:30am. "Okay now time to go to sleep. Wait. i wonder whats in the related books" sees second book "OMG" suddenly its 4am. "crap..."
                                    summary of last night.
@mels_bells25 the hunger games, then catching fire, then mocking jay
the hunger games through storm and fire I think @mels_bells25