Not-so-Smooth (Paused)

Not-so-Smooth (Paused)

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Sharikha Fathima By SharxF Updated Oct 26, 2018

When being the daughter of the country's most successful businessman and a famous actress can not bring peace.
When the most amazing guy on the planet is in love with you but it can not bring happiness.
When having  friends like family  can not bring security.

Friendship ....
Love .....

   My hands trembled I opened the  box.. Inside it was a letter...
 It READ..

***Keep them  close. You never know when is the last time you see the onces  you love so much***

What happens when all your close onces are being murdered one by One? 

Join Zee Smooth as she embarks on a journey that will change her life.. 

Hello all you lovely people..
This is my first book.. 
Try to overlook minute mistakes and shower a little love to my ideas...
Thank you 

••My story  is  strictly on COPYRIGHTS••
I do  not own the pictures, all rights reserved to their original owners.
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