Mr Soccer Player, My What Great Lips You Have (on hold)

Mr Soccer Player, My What Great Lips You Have (on hold)

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Dani By dani4597 Updated Jul 12, 2012

Danielle is full of confidence and sarcasm. Then she meets shy soccer player, Tristen.  Everyone seems to be falling head- over- heels for him, including her friend Braylin.  Danielle sees Tristen as a great guy and sees his shy side as maybe a cover up for his flirty, sarcastic side.  Shocker to Danielle.  Who seems to be falling for each other?  

Braylin loves guys and is obsessed with Tristen or rather any guy she finds attractive.  To top her obbsession off, she is inlove with Sean.  Especially, him and white shirts.  Dani always tells her that nothing is going on between her and Sean but when she wittnesses a surprising event, or not so surprising even, you won't want to face her.

Sean, Dani has been best friends with him for years.  He is affectionate with her and they get many looks.  He protects her but when he hurts her at a party, that may be enough for their friendship to end.  What happens when he tells her he loves her? 

With everything getting complicated and Tristen in the story, what is fate deciding?

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dani4597 dani4597 Feb 27, 2012
@Rinarts haha it's humor and I don't think you are xD its funny lol
xxMrsSexyStylesxx xxMrsSexyStylesxx Feb 27, 2012
Ohmygoodness!!!!! This was fantastic! Can NOT wait for more! Love you girlie(:
dani4597 dani4597 Feb 26, 2012
@shazzypops thank you :) I will deff check that out!  Thank you so much for reading :)