Don't You Dare Fall In Love With Me [Synyster Gates Fan Fic]

Don't You Dare Fall In Love With Me [Synyster Gates Fan Fic]

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Matt Sanders lives with two of his best friends, Zacky Baker and Jimmy Sullivan. After discovering the mess that his sister had gotten herself into, he offered her a place to stay, with him.

Ashley Sanders was once an A grade student, with a perfect life. Best friends with Jimmy Sullivan, and close with her parents and her older brother, she was the last person you would expect to sucumb to the horrors of drug addiction.

Her parents and her old friends soon give up on her, not wanting to watch her self destruct. Matt is the only one who truely really cares for her. Until she promises her ex-best friend and current enemy, Jimmy, that she'll come clean.

Prior to this, she accidently sleeps with her brothers best friend, also known as Synyster Gates. The guitarist for her brothers band - Avenged Sevenfold. They agree to become friends with benefits. Ashley has one simple rule, don't fall in love with each other.

But with her whole life turning around again, can she play by her own rules?

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anotherloserlikeyou anotherloserlikeyou Dec 07, 2017
This is in the 1% of the stories where the main character isn't unbearably unrealistic and annoying. I mean Ashley is kind of annoying as a character. But not in a cringy, basic bitch type of way that wattpad authors usually pushes us to like. So yeah, I intend on reading this a lot!
ashmastache ashmastache Oct 30, 2017
weed is not addictive in itself. you cannot get hooked on weed, you can get hooked on the feeling but that is extremely rare 10% if im remembering correctly.
JordanFridayIsANerd JordanFridayIsANerd Jun 30, 2016
It's impossible to get addicted to weed. I mean, yeah sure, you like the feeling, but you can't actually get addicted to it.
GoHyeRan GoHyeRan Nov 11, 2013
nice...i liked it so much i was basically fangirling over this fiction..really well-thought set of characters. i could really feel as if they were really happening..good, i mean, GREAT job author!
EternalRest EternalRest Feb 27, 2012
@HayleyMarie95 @SiennaPetrone @Synyster_Shadows  Glad you like it!   Just uploaded chapter 2! :-)
SiennaPetrone SiennaPetrone Feb 27, 2012
this is so good :) cant wait to see what happens :p update soon lol