Living with the Bentley Boys.

Living with the Bentley Boys.

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marlonteixera_ By marlonteixera_ Updated Mar 24, 2016

How do you go from being a social outcast to one of the most popular girls at school? 
You live with the Gorgeous Bentley Boys of course!

Jaycee has no friends, she's picked on, she's bullied on a daily basis. Why? Because she's not popular, because she's clever, because she's not society's idea of beautiful.
Her life is turned upside down when six gorgeous boys turn up on her doorstep. Together they help her embrace who she is, get her life back on track and their ultimate goal is to boost her social status.

Can the Bentley Boys do it? Or does Fate have other plans?

lottiesblog lottiesblog Nov 26, 2017
Bugsy the third eldest no matter what hes like i just want to guess😂
hmoneyyy hmoneyyy Mar 12, 2017
Haha of you haven't 😂🤔 I mean, who hasn't read those??
readergurls101 readergurls101 Oct 17, 2016
Bish u better share don't keep all thise hunks of sexy to your self!! Is something my best friend would've said
Jana_BA Jana_BA Oct 12, 2016
In my school , the very smart ones are the cool ones ... I don't know why other schools think nerds are lame .. I'm my school if you are a nerd u r officially cool
readergurls101 readergurls101 Oct 17, 2016
reaperne reaperne Aug 16, 2016
In My school you can be yourself and most of the time not get judged ❤️🙌